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Let me introduce myself

Shannon Rios, MS, LMFT

I specialize in the niche area of families/children of divorce, separation and conflict, and am an advocate for children and parents to live happy, healthy and peace-filled lives.

How it all came to be…

My Personal Journey

I once leaned a great strategy: to live life moment by moment by moment. If we are present, we remember to love and cherish ourselves even in our most challenging moments.

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Meditation Testimonials

Jason NelsonIt’s rare to find a guided meditation album like The Healing Journey Within that can instantly connect you to the true source of abundant love and healing. Shannon Rios shows us that everything we’ve wanted in our lives like success, loving relationships and abundance begins inside of us; and she effectively guides you into this sacred, special place.

Jason NelsonBestselling Author of Empower Our Children: God’s Call to Parents, How to Heal Yourself and Your ChildrenHeart Centered Media

Shannon Rios has created a beautiful set of meditations for healing and connecting with yourself and Spirit. Shannon has brought important concepts into these meditations to help you release the past and manifest abundance in your life.

Margaret PaulCo-CreatorInner Banding

I could **feel** the love energy through your voice. Your words truly came at the perfect time for me in my life. I cannot thank you enough. I was listening to the CD while painting, and I feel so much of what you are saying is exactly what the light in my paintings resembles. What a beautiful thing. I believe the CD would help so many people – I wish everyone in the whole world could listen to it!

Ashley DullArtistArt by Ashley Dull

In my lifetime there’s been nothing which has made such an impact on me as the meditations in this CD. They were extremely powerful for me. Through these meditations, I found and experienced the gift of finding my higher power. These meditations also allowed me to actually visualize a life that I can create for myself right now. They provided a very deep sense of nurturing that connected me with my soul. I can’t wait to purchase them for others. They are a true gift for anyone!

TimberliSupply Chain Manager and Consultant

tanya kay photo and designIn my journey, I have learned that loving yourself is the most important part of every other success in your life. These cd’s have guided me to loving myself on a deeper level than I could have imagined. These cd’s connect you with your mind, body and spirit, which is essential to every person! What I really enjoyed was the calming effect of the entire cd set. I listen to this often when I want to relax and enjoy the presence of abundance and love. Every person should hear this!

L. Thayn