Wahoo! I’m ALIVE!

This 4th of July weekend, I had the opportunity to see Michael Franti live in concert. That guy is alive with life! His tour is the “I’m Alive” tour. At noon, before the concert, he offered yoga and an acoustic set. That is where this video is from. It was amazing. If you have never been to Red Rocks Ampitheatre in CO, it is a must do on any trip to the U.S. or CO! Set among the beautiful rocks you feel like you are in a work of art. And you are! It’s a work of nature!

What in your life makes you feel alive? Dancing, doing yoga and listening to these positive songs really made me feel alive that day! The energy of it was pure and simple – happy. When we enjoy our aliveness, we are happy. It truly is a gift to be alive. How will you embrace that gift today? How will you feel alive today?

I challenge you to first move your body, dance to some fun music or just listen to this video. FEEL the energy and KNOW you are alive! It is a gift to be cherished! Wahoo! I’m ALIVE!