Book Chapter Summaries:

The following are the individual chapters of the highly acclaimed book, in ebook format.  You can purchase just the ebook that is important for what you need or are currently going through instead of purchasing the entire book.  Receive it immediately!

Ebook 1:  Creating Your Future First – 10 pages:

This ebook will cover what you truly do have control over as you go through this process.  It will also lead you through the process of creating a vision for your new family.  It also provides research and statistics on children and divorce. Includes exercises and questions for reflection.

  • Create a vision for your future
  • What you can control in this process

Ebook 2:  The Parent Basher:  What This Does To Your Child and How You Can Break this Cycle – 24 pages

This e-book discusses the negative behaviors parents sometimes have towards each other.  It addresses what you can do to change this pattern of interaction.  It includes The Parent Basher Quiz.  It discusses the impact of these behaviors on your children.  It helps you look deeper at what is happening for you when you have anger at your co-parent.  There are exercises to assist you in creating a life of love and peace.  It also discusses how you can support your co-parent’s relationship with your child.  Includes exercises and questions for reflection.

  • How to stop parent bashing
  • Impact of parent bashing on children
  • How to understand and deal with your anger

Ebook 3:  Impact of Putting Your Child in the Middle:  Strategies to Avoid this Harmful Parent Behavior – 26 pages

This e-book includes many strategies to ensure you do not harm your child by putting them in the middle of adult issues.  It helps you understand the impact this can have on the physical and emotional health your children.  It also discusses parent anger, it’s causes and strategies to letting your anger go.

Strategies for putting children first are provided.  It provides ten specific strategies for effective and healthy co-parenting.  Includes exercises and questions for reflection.

  • How to not put your child in the middle
  • How this behavior impacts your child
  • 10 strategies for effective co-parenting

Ebook 4:  Understanding the Impact of Your Behavior on Your Child’s Development and Growth – 31 pages

This chapter will assist parents in understanding with their fighting can do to their children’s emotional and physical health.  It also helps parents understand how this behavior can impact their child their entire life.  It includes an exercise to assess your levels of conflict and provides strategies for effective communication.  It covers the three co-parenting communication styles and their impact on children.  It discusses what impact allowing your child to take care of you has on your children.  It assists parents in assessing if they are setting good boundaries with their children.  It stresses the importance of allowing children to be children during this time.  Provides many strategies to effectively parent your children through this transition.  Includes exercises and questions for reflection.

  • How your fighting negatively impacts your child
  • Assess your conflict and create new strategies for effective communication
  • Setting good boundaries with you children

Ebook 5:  What Does Your Child Need From You, A Parent of Divorce/Separation – 37 Pages

This ebook will assist you in creating a strong connection with your child.  It discusses the pros and cons of therapy and many thoughts and considerations for all aspects of therapy including choosing a therapist.  It also  provides a detailed outline and script for telling your children about the divorce.  It also helps you understand the grief process that everyone goes through with divorce/separation.  It discusses in detail your children’s concerns and developmental stages of children.  It discusses the impact of divorce on adult children.  It helps parents understand the gift of extended family.  Includes information on transitions, misbehavior and parenting time.  Includes exercises and questions for reflection.

  • Strategies for connecting to your child
  • How to decide if therapy is necessary and what therapist to choose
  • The grief process
  • Developmental stages of your children

Ebook 6:  Healing Your Pain:  Moving Forward to be the Best Parent For Your Child – 26 Pages

This ebook focuses on the completion and forgiveness of your relationship.  It helps parents understand why they made the choices they made and strategies for moving forward.  It provides a co-dependency assessment.   It allows parents to be responsible so they can move forward and create a wonderful life for them and their children.  Includes exercises and questions for reflection.

  • 18 strategies to heal and move forward
  • The importance of forgiveness and letting go of anger
  • Co-dependency assessment

Ebook 7:  The Dating Game:  Strategies to Protect Your Children -12 Pages

This chapter focuses on dating and the impact it can have on your children if not done well.  It discusses why it is crucial to spend this initial time after the separation/divorce with your child.  It provides recommendations regarding dating.  Provides crucial strategies for parents to ensure they don’t make dating mistakes that will impact their children.  Includes exercises and questions for reflection.

  • 9 Divorce and Dating Rules
  • 13 Questions to ask yourself about your dating partner prior to introducing your child
  • Solid recommendations on time before introducing children to your dating partner

Ebook  8:  Why You Should Not Leave or Check Out on Your Children and What to Do If This Happens In Your Family – 14 Pages

This ebook discusses the reasons that parents sometimes leave their children and why most of these reasons are not valid.  It also helps parents understand why they may want to check out and what to do about this fear.  It discusses what to tell your children if their parent does leave.  It provides strategies if a parent wants to re-enter a child’s life.

  • Reasons you may want to check out on your child and why not to
  • Strategies for telling your children why a parent has left
  • What to do if a parent wants to re-enter your child’s LifeThreads

Ebook 9:  Strategies for Effective Parenting After Divorce – Staying Connected and Meeting the Needs of Your Child – 24 pages

This chapter will provide strategies for staying connected with your children whether you live close or far away.  This chapter also covers positive parenting techniques that are valuable to help your child through this event.  It also covers chores and responsibilities for your children.  Strategies for empowering your children.

  • Staying connected whether you live near or far
  • 16 Effective parenting strategies
  • Empowering Your children

Ebook 10:  Hope For The Future:  The Journey of Love – 7 pages

This ebook focuses on moving forward.  You are able to choose the journey of love for you and your children.

  • Moving forward
  • Journey of love
  • Final exercise

Ebook 11 Valuable Resources for Co-parents – 13 Pages

This document will provide you with many valuable resources for working with and communicating with your co-parent.  It also provides resources for you as a parent to be the best parent possible.  It includes the following:

  • Letter to My Co-parent
  • Age-Appropriate Responsibilities and Chores
  • Parent’s Promise
  • Child’s Promise
  • Developmental Ages and Stages
  • Fun-O-Meter
  • Feelings Chart –print and post
  • Anger Scale
  • Parenting plan (simple)
  • Taking Responsibility
  • Co-Parent Invitation to Participate (letter from Shannon Rios)