Coaching Testimonials

I had the opportunity to receive coaching from Shannon during a significant transition at work. She was able to help me unpack a number of emotions that I was experiencing to help me move forward through a change. Shannon provide a perfect balance of pushing me to claim what was important to me and acknowledging me for what I was experiencing.  She was patient and allowed me to discover as I needed to. She also challenged me to make the personal actions to move me through the change resulting in becoming more positive and engaged with what is. My favorite outcome from Shannon were three key words that resonant who I am. I use these to help me re-center myself when I need that small reminder. I would recommend Shannon as a coach to anyone.

Jack BandyLeadership Facilitator and CoachLarge Agricultural Company

Shannon has been an inspiration in my life. Through coaching, she worked with me on building stronger relationships with my family. Within a year, this not only improved, but also my relationship with friends and coworkers. In addition, my self esteem increased dramatically. Thank you so much Shannon, for everything!

C.H.Assistant Manager Software Quality Assurance

Coaching was a much more valuable than I thought it would be. Looking back six months later I did not expect the kind of impact that it had. It was very valuable to talk to someone outside of the company that had nothing more than my best interest at heart. Not trying to get me to get a number, she just wanted me to succeed. That was clear. It was always a great interaction when we had our sessions. Knowing that the co had this type of investment in my development was impactful in just that sense, it inspired me to work even harder at getting to my goals.
This leader took his district from 96th in the company to 14th!

District Manager, Large Retail OrganizationDistrict ManagerLarge Retail Organization
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