Have you recently gone through or are going through the ending of a relationship? Are you feeling extreme pain?

Do you want to understand how to move forward into peace and happiness? Are you ready to create healthy patterns in your future relationships? Do you want to attract healthier relationships?

If you answered yes to any of the above questions, you have arrived in the right place.

Shannon bases her relationship life coaching work on the premise that we are all on a journey to love ourselves. Through visualization, meditation and discussion clients are assisted to move through the ending of relationship. Working with Shannon will empower you to understand why this relationship came into your life and what you can do to move your life forward.

“Those relationships that assist in our healing will always be a part of our heart”

“We can only love someone to the extent we love ourselves”

Clients come to understand that the pain they are feeling is truly not only pain from the relationship but is also old pain they are healing from their past. The end of relationship can trigger old abandonment, attachment and survival issues to surface. The beautiful thing about this pain is that it is here now so it can be healed. This pain, if we heal through it, allows us to come closer to our wholeness as a human. Shannon walks with clients as they heal through this pain. Your previous partner has been a mirror in some way for you and now you can look at what they were mirroring to you. We attract in others to assist us in our healing and growth. Shannon assists you in looking into this mirror so you can realize what it is that you are wanting in your life from yourself. No one can give us something we cannot first provide to ourselves in our lives. Shannon sees end of relationship as a beginning and a rebirth. It can be a time of amazing joy and healing if we do our personal work and choose to see it that way.

“Two people love in each other the future good which they will unfold”

Once this pain is healed, clients are able to choose and create healthier future relationships. Through this process you learn to respect the person that you thought so deeply hurt you when they were truly a healing force in your life. Moving through this process is crucial for everyone and especially crucial if you have children. The greatest gift you can give your children is to heal yourself and to respect their other parent. You can be assured at a deep level that this person came into your life to assist you in moving forward in your journey. You must be willing and open to this possibility to truly heal and move forward from this event.

Shannon and many other experts in the field of love agree that our purpose here is truly to learn to love ourselves, Gary Kossman expresses this truth so beautifully in his poem below: