Reflections on Changing Times: The New Trump University

So, we are in new territory with our current president-elect, Donald Trump. I have had the array of feelings that many people have had: shock, dismay, anger, and sadness. I was in Kauai, Hawaii for election night, which meant before I went to bed I knew the outcome. I did not sleep much. I held […]

loving yourself is the most important aspect of your life

Marry Yourself First: My Marriage to Myself in Guatemala

My solo trip to Guatemala was my first solo trip. I had left my corporate job and was working on my own. I decided to take almost four weeks and journey to Guatemala to find myself after the end of a relationship.  Solo travel after the end of a relationship turned out to be a […]

Eating Well, Living Well

Monday April 7th, 2014.  Today I started the Whole30 food nutrition plan  I will share below what I am eating every day to assist you in knowing you can do this too!  I also want to give you ideas when you start the plan.   I know that the way we eat can change our […]

solo healthy single woman

Vamos gringa! Let’s go single women: solo travel is the path to self-love and successful relationships

Traveling solo as a female has been one of the best things I have ever done in my life.  I recommend it to anyone.  In my 30s, when everyone else was getting married and having kids, I decided to love my single life.  When I decided this, everything changed.  I was able to look forward […]

How Can You Love Yourself Today?

In Memory of Leanne Recently a woman went missing that had lived in Denver.  I saw flyers in my neighborhood.  She had just returned to the US from a 22 month round the world journey.  She was an amazing woman and people were searching for her.  She had actually been in TX staying with family […]

Waves of Costa Rica

The waves of Costa Rica would like to remind you of your beauty and how much you have to bring to this world. Remember, you are the love.   Listen to this message and remember your divine beauty.  Have a beautiful day. Shannon Rios Paulsen MS LMFT