Shannon Featured in ProFlowers Blog “Get Valentine’s Tips from the Experts!

Recently,’s Shannon Rios Paulsen, MS LMFT was featured in a ProFlowers blog along with other relationship experts including the Gottman Institute. The blog is: “Relationship Tips from the Experts” – see #16 on their blog post here. Excerpt from the Blog: “Anyone in a relationship has probably dreamed of coming up with an impressively […]

Face Your Fears! A Lesson In Self Love – Watch Video Here!

Here you have it, me facing one of my biggest fears! Face Your Fears Challenge!! When I began to write my self-love book, over 11 years ago, I challenged my readers to face their biggest fears. One of mine was skydiving. So I did it! I never thought I would ever jump out of a […]

Learning to Face Old Fears and Forgive

Yes, that person mentioned in this article was ME! I will tell you that at 15 years old, this was probably one of the most terrifying days of my life. I was working alone in my family’s convenience store in a small town in WI. One man came in and was masked, and I thought […]

Let’s Get CREATIVE this Valentine’s Day – 13 Ideas to Love You and Love Them!

Make this Valentine’s Day special for your loved one.  My advice is focus on loving yourself first and then focus on just loving your partner.  My challenge to you is to not EXPECT anything this Valentine’s Day.  Make it ALL about THEM! 1.       Hot Air Balloon Ride, Skydiving, Scuba diving Lessons – Face a fear and have […]

Are You Single This Valentine’s Day – Calling All Single Women! 8 Ways to Love Yourself!

Yes, it will be here soon!  That holiday that sometimes you dread when you are single.  But you know what, I found ways to make it fun and just focus on loving me…… I wanted to take this time to share those ideas with all of you. This year, my advice is just really truly […]

The Unconditional Love of a Dog: In Loving Memory of Sassy

On December 18, 2013 my little girl Sassy, my furry child passed on.  She was so sweet, kind and unconditionally loving.  She taught me so much.  She was 16 or 17 in dog years and shared my life for the last 12.  Here is our story. Sassy happened upon my dad’s farm in Wisconsin the […]