The Road to Freedom

A relationship is something that is 50% our responsibility. As a child, my parents always tried to blame the other person. They always tried to make the other parent the bad guy and as a child, this was really confusing to me. After years of trying to figure out which of them was truly at […]

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Food and Health Issue I: My Story

I have known for a very long time that food is crucial to our health.  However, in college I honestly did not have the financial means to buy a lot of healthy food.  Once I graduated with a great corporate job, I did allow myself a better food budget.  However, being single, I lived mainly […]

Choosing To Heal Ourselves

Sometimes when relationships end, it can be difficult to move forward with our lives. We may choose to stay stuck in the pain versus push through it to move forward with our lives. Ask yourself the following questions: 1. Do I still feel angry with my child’s other parent? 2. Do I still feel very […]

Spokes of Leadership

As I recently was working with a  leader who had just taken a new role in the organization, a very high level role, we discussed all of his “spokes”. Spokes are the many aspects of your leadership in your life and or work. What are the important areas that you want to focus on?  The […]

executive leadership coach and food

Executive Leadership Coach and Health of Leaders

In part of my business I work as an executive leadership coach. I love this work, assisting leaders in being the best possible leader for their people.  This work always focuses on the leaders overall health.  Again if they are not healthy they will not create healthy teams and organizations. As I worked with one […]

It’s not the years in your life….but the life in your years

So true.  I found this today (August 28, 2013) as I was looking for a frame for a photo for someone who is very sick and has a very slight chance to live.  I almost feel like the angels had me find this so I knew that she had a good life overall and that […]