The SMART Therapist/Professionals Survival Guide to Divorce & Conflict and Children & Parents

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Course Summary:

In this 60 minute audio/visual workshop, you will be given the tools, strategies and resources you need to effectively work with families of divorce and conflict.  These families can be minefields for clinicians, teachers and school therapists on many fronts.  Learn strategies so you can effectively assist children and parents to successfully navigate these difficult waters.  Shannon focuses her private practice solely on families of divorce and conflict, learn from the expert.

Course Objectives:

1. Understand the importance of this work/brief overview of research

2. Learn 10 proven strategies for working with children of divorce and conflict

3. Learn 10 proven strategies for working with parents of divorce and conflict

4. Receive education and exercises you can provide to parents to help them understand the impact of their behaviors on their children.

5. Learn how to conduct classes in schools/the community and what school professionals need to know when working with conflicting parents and their children

6.  Learn 5 business and personal self-care strategies to avoid burnout in working with these parents that you can implement in your practice.

7.  Receive suggestions for manifesting in your life and work.

$99 SMART Therapists Survival Guide

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