I would get this as early as possible in the divorce process!

Bonnie W. Camp, MD, PhD

Divorced and divorcing parents and their children, regardless of age, will see themselves in this book.  They will also recognize the author knows how easy it is to be ensnared in the traps she describes and how difficult it is to avoid them.  She provides many prompts for improving self-awareness and exercises to aid management of tendencies harmful to children.  Those able to follow at least some of her suggestions should be richly rewarded by improvement in the health and happiness of their children as well themselves.

Marilee Adams, Ph.D

Parents of separation, divorce and conflict will find this book an invaluable and treasured guide—it’s filled with heart-felt, sage, and practical advice. Shannon Rios shows parents how to ask themselves and their children questions that optimize healing and growth, even during times of conflict and difficulty. Children whose parents read this book will be lucky indeed!

Candice Bataille Popiel

This book is a key practical tool for parents when life is in crisis.  It will help to ensure that our unresolved issues start healing and do not dim the possibility of a joyful and creative life for our children.  I truly thank you for gifting this book to the world.

David Meggitt

For the divorced or separated parent who wants to raise emotionally safe and secure children: this book is a very important resource. This book was easy to read, yet practically applicable, capable of bringing out the subtle actions and words that parents, hurting from their own divorce experience, may not realize are inadvertently hurting their children.

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