How Can You Love Yourself Today?

In Memory of Leanne

Recently a woman went missing that had lived in Denver.  I saw flyers in my neighborhood.  She had just returned to the US from a 22 month round the world journey.  She was an amazing woman and people were searching for her.  She had actually been in TX staying with family until their home was again ready in Denver.  She and her husband had rented it out while they were on their voyage of love and life.

I read Leanne’s blog from her trip and really connected with her.  She was an amazing spirit.  She and her husband had enjoyed life so fully on that trip.  After she went missing it started to emerge that readjusting back to the US had been stressful for her. 

I understand this feeling, I have traveled outside of the US a lot.  After about 3 weeks I could just stay wherever I am, it feels like so much pressure when you think about returning to your life back in the US.  You can travel and be free and not have to live up to anyone’s expectations.  You don’t have bills to pay, people to answer to, work to do.  It is a wonderful experience that everyone should enjoy.  I have really ever felt more freedom than when I have traveled on my solo journeys.

denver lady photo

However upon return, it can feel stressful.  Leanne went for a walk but actually committed suicide during her hike.  The truth is that on one hand, I truly completely understand.  She loved life, you can see it from this photo.  When you love and feel so deeply it can truly be hard to be on this earth with so many things out of integrity or when you see so much pain.   I know I struggle with this at times, I can not watch the news and I can not watch violent movies ever.  Other people’s pain hurts me at my core.  I can only send prayers and love and light when I hear of a tragedy.

I don’t even want to not honor her by not honoring her choice.  It was the choice she felt was best for her at this time.  We probably will never understand why exactly but we know she was a beautiful spirit. 

However, if you do feel this type of pain, please reach out for love and support.  So many love us and we sometimes can forget that in the depths of pain, fear and anxiety.

In Leanne’s Honor, I simply ask you:  What can you do to love yourself more today?  What can you do to love those you love more today?

What I know is that you are a brilliant bright spirit here to do a lot of amazing work on this planet.  I thank you for being here, reading this blog and remembering the beauty that you are.

You are pure love (close your eyes and breathe into this).

You are pure love (close your eyes and breathe into this).

You are pure love (close your eyes and breathe into this).

Shannon R. Rios Paulsen MS LMFT has spent the last 12 years learning, writing, and coaching about self-love. She is a professional life coach and a licensed marriage and family therapist. She is the author of two best-selling guided meditations: The Healing Journey Within: Meditations for Abundance and Love, Volume I (Deserving) and Volume II (Manifesting). She also wrote the best-selling book, The 7 Fatal Mistakes Divorced and Separated Parents Make: Strategies for Raising Healthy Children of Divorce and Conflict .  Shannon lives in Denver, CO with her Swedish husband whom she met on one of her solo self-love journeys in Thailand.