You are my Sunshine!

I have always loved that song! This past 4th of July, Michael Franti was my sunshine! In this video, we were doing yoga on the rocks and Red Rocks Ampitheatre! Wow, what an experience! If you’ve never been there, you must go!

As Michael sang, “that the sound of the sunshine coming down” I looked up at the beautiful sun above me and felt so grateful. I truly do feel the amazing love energy of the sun! Whenever I have the chance, I stand in the sun’s light and close my eyes, it just feels so wonderful and healing to me. We have so many healing opportunities around us, but many of us are moving too fast to really appreciate them and truly take them in. I have really been conscious lately about living in the “flow” of life. I’ve been calmer and breathing deeper. As a child, I always felt stressed and worried. As an adult, I know I am safe and loved. But sometimes I need a reminder to reset myself again. This is your reminder! Bask in the sunshine, live in the flow, and In-Joy your life!
With Love and Hugs,
Shannon (and my wonderful friend, Melanie, the other amazing yogi!)